Get to Know us at Vanish…

Only the most technologically advanced Medical-Grade Laser and Advanced Skin Equipment is used at the Vanish Skin & Laser Clinic because your comfort and experience are of the utmost importance to us. If you are looking for a quality advanced skin treatment with a professional touch then look no further!

Whether you want to freshen up your look, get rid of old ink or pigment, bring back your skin, or create a brighter smile we are ready to assist you to reach your goal and find your own kind of beautiful!

Meet our Therapists

Tim & Megan – Owners

Vanish Skin and Laser was previously known as Vanish Ink, Megan and Tim took over Vanish Skin and Laser in 2019 seeing that there was an opportunity to bring new life to Vanish and offer a range of treatments that enhanced the natural beauty of their clients.

Megan prides herself on her personally tailored approach to providing quality services and up-to-date training, using the latest technology and equipment and the highest quality products. Her love and passion for all things skin with skin-driven results and the overall experience is what sets Vanish Skin and Laser apart.

Vanish Skin and Laser Clinic is able to offer the latest techniques and services to achieve and enhance the natural beauty of their clients.

Dermaviduals and Bespoke Treatments have given Vanish Skin and Laser the opportunity to make people feel good about their appearance, increasing their confidence and self-esteem while doing what she loves most. “There is no greater gift than making people smile”

Megan maintains and delivers superlative standards in both hygiene and safety adhering to the strictest standards of the Beauty Industry and QLD Radiation, with all services available at Vanish Skin and Laser Clinic.

“Waking up every day knowing that you have created and made a difference in people’s lives is what makes my dreams become a reality”