Appointment& Booking Policy

As an Independent Australian-owned business, we thank you for your consideration of our Appointment and Booking Policy.

Our booking policy has been designed to protect our businesses sustainability and ensures fair treatment to all our clients and the therapists booked to do your treatment.

We ask that you please book carefully. No-shows, last minuet cancellations & reschedules as well as running late for appointments means that other clients cannot book into that time slot and wastes the time and expertise of our highly trained professional therapists.

All bookings require a non-refundable deposit that will sit on your account and can either be carried forward to your next appointment or used on check out of your current appointment if you are unsure when you will book back in with us.

Where we are not given the appropriate notice of 24 hours, your booking deposit will act as a cancellation fee and will be redeemed by Confidently Skin.

Please read our Booking and Appointment Policy below carefully before making a booking:

  • We require 24 hours notice to cancel or change an appointment
  • All Bookings require a $30 deposit at the time of booking. For shorter treatments such as eye brow wax (on its own) or eyebrow tint (on its own) only $10 will be taken to hold the appointment for you.
  • Your Booking deposit remains on your account until you wish to use it. You may carry it forward to your next appointment or you may redeem it on check out if you are unsure when you will make your next appointment with us.
  • If you have a Gift Voucher that contains a voucher number, this may be used instead of giving a booking deposit. Your voucher number must be given at the time of the booking and will be checked before your booking has been confirmed.
  • If you have received a discount gift from Confidently Skin, you are still required to pay the $30 or $10 booking deposit for your appointment. Your discount gift will be applied on check out of your appointment.
  • Discount gifts from Confidently Skin can only be applied to full priced treatments.
  • All online Bookings require a 50% deposit.
  • No-shows, Re-scheduling and cancelling appointments without 48 hours notice results in Confidently Skin redeeming your booking deposit as a cancellation fee. This is to cover the therapist time only.
  • Please be on time for appointments. If you are late we can only work with the time we have left for your appointment however you will still be charged for the full amount of that appointment.
  • For any specific deals purchased, the terms and conditions of that deal will apply

We understand that emergencies and last-minute cancellations can occur and anyone who has worked with us knows that we do our utmost to move our day around to accommodate you in this regard so you can experience your full treatment however where we cannot, the above policies will apply.

To avoid disappointment, please read the above policies carefully and keep in mind our 24 hour cancellation policy when re-scheduling or cancelling appointments.